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Black Mountain Mustang
(Lela and Rainy Miatke)
This song was inspired by a drawing that Rainy did of a horse rearing on the side of a volcano, entitled, “Black Mountain Mustang.”  She thought it would make a good title for a song, so we wrote one.

Way up in the mountains
Up on a cliff so high
Kicking toward the clouds
Rearing toward the sky

He’s a black mountain mustang
They say he runs so fast
That whenever he dares to race the wind
He never comes in last

When his hooves came down from rearing
They hit the ground so hard
The mountain shook like thunder
The ash flew near and far

He’s a black mountain mustang
They say he runs so swift
His legs are strong and sturdy
He was given a true gift

The lava flowed in rivers
Down the mountain black
It finally had erupted
It couldn’t be held back

He’s a black mountain mustang
They say he leaps so high
That the tips of his ink black mane
They always touch the sky

The lava flowed around him
Cut him from his herd
Shrill neighs and whinnies
Were all that he heard

He’s a black mountain mustang
They say he jumps so far
He would have gone back to his herd
If his way had not been barred

He gathered up his muscles
Prepared for the mighty leap
He soared over the lava flow
That was long, wide and deep

He’s a black mountain mustang
They say he’s strong as steel
Silver is his gleaming coat
Iron is his will

He gathered up his herd so fast
And ran away so far
They headed for the northlands
Where the mountains meet the stars

He’s a black mountain mustang
They say he can’t be caught
You can save up all your money
But some things can’t be bought

They settled on a mountain top
With valleys down below
And there they lived forever
On a mountain white with snow

He’s a white mountain mustang
They say he’s real somewhere
But he might be just a legend
In the icy mountain air

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